Skill and painstaking craftsmanship – the organ restoration in pictures (I)

Pedal chests and rollerboard restored
Pedal chests and rollerboard restored

Orford 10

Orford 5
Voicing the Oberwerk Metal Gedact. Voicing entails making the pipes speak promptly, clearly and at the correct volume.

Orford 7Orford 1

Rohrflöte restored
The Rohr Flute stop (Great Manual I) restored
Restored pipes and conveyances
More restored pipes and conveyances
Quintaton restored
The restored Quintadena stop (Hauptwerk Manual I)
Principal _ Octav pipes restored
The restored Principal and Octave pipes (Great Manual I)
Pedal action along the floork, plus new coupler solenoids
Pedal action with new coupler solenoids
Oberwerk chest action under improvement
Improving the Oberwerk (Manual II) action
Oberwerk chest action being updated
Oberwerk wind chest action being updated
New Brustwerk action wires
New Brustwerk action wires
Hauptwerk Principal pipes restored
Restored Principal pipes (Great Manual I)
Gedeckt restored
Restored Metal Gedact pipes (Oberwerk Manual II)
Flues and reed boots restored
Flues and reed boots restored
Edwin cleaning reed pipes
Craftsman Edwin Robinson cleaning reed pipes
Building frame with Brustwerk in place
Building frame with Brustwerk (Manual III) in place
Brustwerk slider solenoids (new)
New Brustwerk slider solenoids
Brustwerk Schwimmer releathered
Brustwerk Schwimmer releathered. Schwimmers help regulate the wind supply to the windchests
Brustwerk note action
Brustwerk note action
Brustwerk - close-up of restored pipes
Brustwerk – the restored pipes in the windchest
Brustwerk - bass end of chest
Brustwerk – the bass end of the windchest
Actions cleaned and polished
The action (trackers) cleaned and polished
Orford 14
The Brustwerk Vox Humana pipes are stripped down, washed and cleaned. The tongues and shallots are polished and refitted.

Orford 13Orford 12Orford 11

Orford 8
Work progressing on the Oberwerk chest, connecting the rollerboard, pallets, pulldowns and leather lozenges. The chest has been fully stripped down and restored. The pallets have new felt and leather, and the pulldown action has been redesigned to make it work more reliably.

Orford 9

Orford 1
Regulating the Brustwerk soundboard springs to ensure an even key touch.

Orford 2Orford 3

Orford 4
Photos by Paul Hale and Ian Carter

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