Skill and painstaking craftsmanship – the organ restoration in pictures (VI)

The new blower and bellows cabinet, incorporating storage for the organist
The new multi-level piston capture system
Using a digital manometer to measure the pressure in the Schwimmer
Pipework, collapsed due to a prolonged period in storage, before restoration
More badly-damaged pipework…
Flattened pipework restored: the pipe in the middle had to be cut horizontally before being reformed
Seriously damaged pipework restored
Photos by Ian Carter
Pedal 16ft reed boots about to be cleaned
Pedal Mixture, one rank restored
Restored Pedal Wide Octave pipes that had completely collapsed
New swell shutters for the Brustwerk in place
The blower / bellows / music storage enclosure
Tin case pipes being polished
More Pedal Wide Octave pipes rounded out from flat
Brustwerk wind trunk, valve gear and tremulant
Console showing: new balanced swell pedal; and restored surfaces and knobs
Copper display case pipes cleaned of streaky lacquer
Hauptwerk tremulant
Hauptwerk Mixture restored
Photos by Paul Hale

Pipework added to the soundboards
Photo by Ian Carter
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